With its team of experts, Compliance4Business will help and assist your business should it need specific, temporarily, or permanent assistance. Our consultants, from junior to senior, have the experience to lead and manage both a compliance and/or regulatory project. When a position of Compliance Officer, Fraud Officer, ESG Officer, AMLCO or DPO is either open, temporarily vacant or does not need a full-time equivalent, we are able to fulfil such challenging mission.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

When Compliance is not yet implemented in your Company or you need to lay down a coherent and proportionate internal compliance framework, Compliance4Business enables to outsource key roles, edit internal documentations and share knowledge, to establish, apply, control and maintain the required compliance structure. This will ease your transition into an efficient and adapted system which will improve the adherence of your company to all the regulatory applicable subjects.

Project Management, ISO and white-label

Our experts are also often called upon to be members of multidisciplinary or multi-jurisdictional teams who provide specific expertise in the context of large-scale projects. Whether as Project Manager, or as team leaders, our consultants are an important technical asset for transposing, adapting, defining or mastering the compliance requirements of those projects.

Based on the same reasoning, Compliance4Business can assist other consultancy firms, law offices or public agencies to fulfill technical compliance and regulatory needs. This can take place on a white-labelling system.

Our firm is also able to assess, improve and establish the internal required structure and management system to obtain and maintain some key ISOs such as ISO 37301:2021 on the Compliance Management Systems; ISO 37001:2016 on an Anti-bribery Management System, ISO 27001 on Data Security or ISO 26000 for ESG issues.