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Data protection regulations have substantially evolved in the past few years and have increasingly complexified the legal and operational environments and related risks companies are facing in this context. As the amount of data created and stored grow exponentially managing privacy compliance is a priority.

Organisations are facing new challenges regarding regulatory requirements. Managing individual’s personal data is fully part of the internal organisation of the company and must be compliant with the legal and regulatory framework or risks financial damage.

Compliance4Business has developed an in-depth expertise on the matter, that requires broad skills as data protection regulation and legal framework covers a wide range of institutions. Our team acts as a Data Protection Officer for regulated companies. We proactively assist clients in implementing a sound data protection framework based on the specificities of their business activities and help them protect individual’s personal data.

Among others, Compliance4Business carries out assessments on data transfer to third countries, sensitive data processing and consent collection.

Our experts are used to coordinating projects (Project Management), setting up related departments and/or endorse internal key functions such as AMLCO, Fraud Officer, KYC/CDD Analyst or Compliance Officer (outsourcing principles).

Our Privacy team can assist you in the following non-exhaustive areas
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments

  • Data Processing Records

  • Data Protection Policies and Procedures

  • Data Processing Agreement

  • Trade Secrets Internal Frameworks

  • Cybersecurity Issues and Testings

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