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The impact of digital technology on the financial sector is undeniable. The arrival of new players favours more so pronounced innovation in new payment solutions and digital finance overall.

Far ahead of the traditional and historical financial institutions, Fintechs now belong to an independent sector subject to its own regulatory regime. Because of its recent legal framework evolving rapidly, this industry may seem opaque and difficult to understand. Compliance4Business henceforth sees a crucial opportunity to foster innovation by decoding this new regulatory framework in the interest of its clients.

We accompany our clients by advising them with a tailor-made approach, concrete and exclusively oriented on the real needs of the institution. We collaborate or have collaborated with numerous clients and projects such as electronic money institutions, payment execution providers, money transfer institutions and other players more active in the world of virtual money and crypto assets.

The expertise is systematically located on a double level: national and European. This is a considerable asset when the project is a geographical development within the European Economic Area.

Our experts are used to coordinating projects (Project Management), setting up related departments and/or endorse internal key functions such as AMLCO, Fraud Officer, KYC/CDD Analyst or Compliance Officer (outsourcing principles).

Our Payment team can assist you in the following non-exhaustive areas
  • Ensuring projects to comply with applicable law and regulations in relevant jurisdictions to meet the expectation of competent authorities (incl. PSD II, MiCA, Crowdfunding or lending, transfer of funds, DORA, etc.)

  • Conducting assessments to evaluate the maturity and robustness of the institutions’ internal structure and policy framework

  • Establishing and representing the company with a license file before the competent supervisory authorities

  • The implementation of remediation plans to address identified deficiencies

  • Training and awareness

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