Corporate values

Thanks to the expertise, skills and experience of each of its staff members, Compliance Business provides high-quality consulting services to professional, institutional and private clients.

The company abides to the following corporate values when providing its services

  • Honesty and loyalty – Pragmatism and tailor-made solutions 
    Compliance Business always puts the needs and interests of its customers at the centre of the business relationship. Customer interests always prevail over any other objective or priority of the company when providing services. 
  • Ethics, integrity and collegiality
    Every mission or project Compliance Business undertakes as a company complies with these values. We observe the ESG (Ethical, Social, Governance) guiding principles set out by the UN in our day-to-day strategic management activities and in the development of business opportunities. 

Compliance Business is committed to always show itself worthy of the trust it is given, to honour its commitments and to deliver on its promises.  

  • Professionalism, independence and diligence
    Compliance Business acts in compliance with the rules set out by applicable laws and regulations. It always seeks to achieve the goals and targets established by law and to enhance its general understanding of the business environment in which it operates. 
    The company acts as an independent operator. It offers a varied range of business services, from ad hoc punctual legal advice to on-site secondments, up to holding functions as experts, compliance officers or directors in target companies.          
  • Privacy and confidentiality
    Compliance Business treats all information – internal or otherwise – it has acquired in the course of its business activities or otherwise with the utmost confidentiality.