Practice Area

Financial Crime Compliance

Financial crime compliance has become a major topic of attention due to the development of an increasingly complex and severe legal and regulatory framework directed to the criminal enforcement of corporate and financial misconducts and to the prevention of the use of the financial industry for money-laundering/terrorist financing purposes, tax fraud, corruption/bribery, sanctions/embargoes violations and others.

Compliance 4 Business assists its clients in understanding applicable rules and principles and prudential constraints but also underlying opportunities: we help our clients with relevant risk assessments, internal organisation, ongoing due diligence, internal investigations and record keeping.

Compliance 4 Business is the key partner for entrepreneurs, non-financial companies and financial institutions to help design and implement internal financial crime prevention rules and measures.

This includes, among others, implementing a sound (and risk-based) financial crime compliance framework relating to anti-money-laundering and terrorist financing, anti-corruption and bribery, sanctions and embargoes compliance, whistleblowing protection, internal investigations, dawn raids prevention, tax fraud prevention, banking and financial crime prevention, general fraud prevention, and other criminal law and regulatory risks.

Compliance 4 Business offers also special expertise in the technical assessment and implementation of two international ISO standards 19600 (Compliance management) and 37001 (Anti-bribery and corruption).

Compliance 4 Business also offers certified trainings in those areas.