Who we are

Compliance4Business is a consulting firm covering various areas of legal and regulatory compliance and integrity. As a boutique company, we provide assistance to national and international clients that are mostly active in the financial services industry but also in other economic sectors.

At Compliance4Business we know it is not easy for our clients to find the right balance between focusing on their core business and avoiding the various risks their commercial activities might trigger.

We are also very much aware of the impact that (changes in) national and international law and regulations may have on such activities which explains why we carefully monitor any updates. Our main concern, keep our clients always accurately informed and in compliance with the increasingly evolving legal and regulatory frameworks.

We collaborate with our clients and offer them our expertise to come to pragmatic and tailor-made solutions developed hand-in-hand following a risk-based approach.

Through this conjunction of skills and competences, Compliance4Business is the best business partner to provide quality consultancy services in the areas of Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Banking and Financial Law, Asset and Tax Structuring, Asset Repatriation, Data Protection, IT Security and Cyber Risks and Financial Crime Prevention and Enforcement.

Compliance4Business advises the financial sector, the industry as a whole, small and large Belgian and/or international companies but also individuals, entrepreneurs and public authorities.

Why we are different

Pragmatism and tailor-made solutions

Compliance4Business puts its expertise at the service of your business. We consider compliance as a part of your business management. We offer practical solutions tailored to your situation.

Hand-in-hand approach

Compliance4Business supports you from the development of a compliance framework to its implementation in your company.


We also provide training for your team to ensure a smooth application of the prudential framework within your business.


The company acts as an independent operator. It offers a varied range of business services, from ad-hoc punctual legal advice to on-site secondments or by filling functions as experts, Compliance Officers or Directors in target companies.

Our Values

Compliance4Business abides to the following corporate values when providing its expertise, services and assistance to clients

Honesty and Loyalty

We always put the needs and interests of our customers at the centre of the business relationship. Customer interests always prevail over any other objective or priority of the company when providing services.

Ethics, Integrity and Collegiality

We observe the ESG (Ethical, Social, Governance) guiding principles set out by the UN in our day-to-day strategic management activities and in the development of business opportunities.

Professionalism and Diligence

We act in compliance with the rules set out by applicable laws and regulations. We always seek to achieve the goals and targets established by law and to enhance its general understanding of the business environment in which it operates.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We treat all information – internal or otherwise – we have acquired in the course of our business activities or otherwise with the utmost confidentiality.