The Firm

« Everyone must be his own compliance officer. That means everything you do can be put on the front page of the newspaper, and there will be nothing that cannot stand up to scrutiny » Warren Buffet

Compliance 4 Business – The Prudential Affairs Firm – is a “boutique” consulting firm created and managed by partners each of them specialized within different fields related to the Banking, Finance and Insurance industry and active within the financial sector for more than 10 years.

In 2018, after careers as Head of Compliance, legal counsels, attorneys or members of public authorities such as the National Bank of Belgium or the national FIU, our partners came together in order to strengthen their knowledge and the ability to answer complex and technical issues.

Through this conjunction of competences, Compliance 4 Business is the best partner to provide quality consultancy services in the areas of Compliance, Regulatory, Banking and Financial Law, Asset and Tax Structuring, Financial Crime issues, Asset Repatriation, GDPR, IT Security and Cyber Risks.

Compliance 4 Business advises both the traditional players in the financial and insurance sector as well as Fintechs and new players such as aggregators, payment initiation service providers or crowdfunding platforms.